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IMAGINE attending a job fair 3,000 miles away and you don't even leave your home!...IMAGINE a place where your resume and other documents are viewed instantly while talking live with the perfect employer...

When you sign up, we will contact you when a new job fair has been added plus we will advise you the day before and the day of the current jobs fair to ensure you do not miss them.  

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Features and Benefits

Booth searches.  Search meeting room(s) that are recruiting in your areas of interest, expertise and preferred locations.

Browse jobs.  Obtain recruitment information such as employment opportunities, application requirements, and more.

Real-time, interactive meeting sessions. Ask exhibitors questions. Speak one-on-one with an exhibitor who requests a private meeting.

Free. There is no cost for applicants to particpate in our online job fairs.

Green. There is no travel footprint or printed resumes needed. Everything is online.

Targeted Audience. Job fairs are marketed to organizations looking for employees.

Global Scope. Access job fairs from anywhere in the world. Imagine being interviewed by prospective employers no matter where you are.

Open 24 hours a day. An online job fair is never closed. Although an exhibitor may not be holding any scheduled meetings, you can access their employment information.

Save money and time. Save money on printed materials, travel, food, and accommodation costs that can be associated with attending physical job fairs.

Reduce frustration and enjoy the job fair experience. The user-friendly interface and help functions make moving between meeting room(s) and exhibitors easy.

Convenient, flexible and accessible. The power of the internet makes online job fairs available to anyone with an internet connection.

Enjoy flexibility. Visit scheduled meeting room(s) and obtain information 24/7.

meeting room(s)

We have several features that make your job search experience enjoyable and simple. One of these features is searching meeting room(s). Using the booth search form, you will find exhibitors that have meeting room(s) in current job fairs and who are actively recruiting in your areas of interest.

To start your search, visit our booth search page and follow these steps:

Under "Job Fairs," click on the drop down arrow and select the job fair(s) you wish to search. 

Click the boxes beside the job categories that match your interest or qualifications.

Click on the "Search" button. A list of meeting room(s) that meet your search criteria will appear.

To view a booth, click on the exhibitor’s name.

The booth search function only searches for meeting room(s) in current job fairs, not upcoming job fairs.  We suggest that you check our site regularly for current and upcoming events. During active job fairs, visit us regularly and search for meeting room(s) of interest to you. You can then visit the meeting room(s), and review scheduled employer chat sessions. 

Click here to search meeting room(s)


When exhibitors create their meeting room(s), they schedule chat sessions. During these sessions, you can ask questions, discuss your qualifications and learn more about the exhibitor. 

To participate in a chat:

Under "Job Fairs," click on the drop down arrow and select the job fair(s) you wish to search. 

From right-hand side of our homepage, click on the job fair(s) you wish to attend and a list of exhibitors is displayed. Those with chats in session have a flashing green light.

Click on the exhibitor’s name. The exhibitor’s booth appears.

Click on "enter" in the chat box (second from the left).

Click on "chat-now" to enter the chat.

Type your full name. Your full name will be displayed only to the exhibitor.

When you are finished with the discussion, click the red button in the upper right corner to log out.
If you would like to review the discussion at a later date, the transcripts are stored in the exhibitor’s message board. 

Booth Features

We give exhibitors the opportunity to customize their meeting room(s) using several features. When you are in a booth, you can access the features by clicking on the boxes in the main window and by clicking the links under "in our booth" on the left.

About Us - Provides general information about the exhibitor.

Chat - Displays the chat sessions the exhibitor has scheduled.
  - log - view transcripts from completed chats
  - chat-now - participate in a current chat session
  - remind me - receive email notification for an upcoming chat

Opportunities - Provides a list of the employment opportunities for which the exhibitor is actively recruiting at the job fair.

Message Board - Displays questions and answers posted throughout the job fair. You may ask the exhibitor a question and check back later for a response. The exhibitor may also post commonly requested information. Transcripts from completed chat sessions are stored in the message board.

Main - Brings you to the opening page of the booth which displays the welcome message and the main booth sections.

Exhibitor Web Site - Links to the exhibitor’s web site.

Quick Links - Provides links to sites of interest. The links may be to their application forms, associations of which they are members, or certification information.

Quick Facts - Tells you if the exhibitor is a private or publicly funded organization. Also provides general information.

Other Pages - The menu may list other items not mentioned above such as contact information, application information, or salary schedule. These pages have been provided by the exhibitor to make your job search easier.

If an exhibitor is a member of one of our partner sites, you can click on the exhibitor’s logo to go to their information page in the partner site

FAQ and Troubleshooting

How do I participate in a job fair?
First you need to register for the fair. Please include your country of residence as well the country(s) in which you are licensed to work.

Once registered you can then login with the username and password you have selected.

You will enter your profile. You will select the categories of interest and fairs of interest (these fields are searchable by respective employers).

You can upload any pertinent documents including resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, etc. Please upload at least your resume so employers can learn more about you and contact you.

What does it cost to participate?
Nothing! Participating in online job fairs is completely FREE for applicants.

How do I know what time zone the chat sessions are for?
The times displayed on our site default to the time zone at which your computer is set. Therefore, all times will be adjusted for your time zone.

Can I be notified via email about upcoming meetings?
Yes. Simply register as an applicant indicating fair(s) of interest or category areas. A potential employer can invite you to attend a meeting via your email address.

Applicant Code of Conduct

As a professional recruitment service, requests that you abide by our code of conduct. Your commitment to these guidelines ensures a positive experience for all participants.

We reserve the right to terminate your access or delete content found to be in violation of the code of conduct.

If you do not follow the code of conduct, exhibitors can log you out of their meeting room(s). is not responsible for the content or activities in any user-created area of the site. 

Respect Exhibitor’s Time
Apply to jobs only if you meet the exhibitors’ qualifications and requirements. Employers have recruitment standards and if you do not meet their standards, they will not process your application. Save yourself and the employers time by applying only if you meet the employment requirements.

Submit a complete application. Most exhibitors will explain what materials you need to provide to apply for employment with their organization. Ensure that you send everything requested.

Respect Other Visitors
Do not chat too long. Other applicants are waiting to access the meeting room so please log out of the booth as soon as you are finished.

Use Professional Language and Behavior
People of all ages, races, religions, genders, national origins, and sexual orientations are welcome to
  - Do not use any expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment or abuse.
  - Do not use defamatory, abusive, threatening, tasteless or indecorous language.
  - Do not use sexually explicit material in conversations or nicknames.
  - Do not impersonate someone else, including a employee.
  - Treat all other online participants with respect.

Know the Law
  - Do not conduct or participate in illegal or fraudulent schemes.
  - Do not distribute unauthorized copies of copyrighted or illegal material.
  - Do not post materials that could harm another person’s computer.