Whether you want to host a job fair or participate in an existing one, costs far less than a typical job fair - we save you money!

The cost to participate in a job fair varies depending on your needs. If your needs suit hosting your own event or participation in a scheduled job fair, click here to contact us about pricing. 

To sign up for a job fair, we will contact you to arrange payment and to give you your username and password.

Exhibitor Login

Features & Benefits


Real-time, interactive chat sessions: Speak with and answer questions from enthusiastic applicants. Chat privately with an individual or with multiple people at the same time.

User-friendly interface and design: Easily create your your exhibitor meetings and include documents, videos, and a profile as well as your meeting room (via Zoom) chat with applicants.


No travel or printed materials needed: Everything is online. Operate your meeting room from wherever you are.

Global scope: The internet provides an infinite scope of interested and qualified individuals from around the world to view your employment opportunities. From highly qualified residents to non-resident citizens, the online job fair eliminates travel barriers for potential candidates.

Open 24 hours a day: An online job fair is never closed. Even if a chat is not in session, applicants can access your employment information and job opportunities via your customized page.


Save money: Save money on costs associated with typical job fairs such as, material, travel, food, and accommodations.

Save time: Eliminate travel. Just log on. If you are a member of one of our partners, we will use your employer information from that site to create your profile.

Attract qualified individuals: Users of are interested in working in many industries.

Reduce frustration: Enjoy the job fair experience. The user-friendly interface makes participating in an online job fair easy.

Reach a global audience: The power of the internet makes online job fairs available to anyone with an internet connection.

Enjoy flexibility: Schedule chat sessions that fit in your timetable. Choose to join an existing job fair or host your own. Access your portal anytime of the day. Search for applicants who are interested in the fair you are attending and invite them to meet with you.

Market your organization: Customize your organization's web page to attract the types of personnel you want. Upload application forms, recruitment materials, and more.

Hosting A Fair

You not only have the opportunity to participate in job fairs, but you can also host your own.

Hosting a job fair gives you exclusive access to applicants. You may host a general recruitment fair or a position specific one. When you are the host, the choice is yours!

Hosting an online job fair is affordable and a great way to reach enthusiastic applicants, regionally, nationally, and/or internationally.

Hosting a job fairs is easy! For more information, please contact us.


How do I participate in an upcoming job fair?
Just complete the online form - click here.

We will contact you to arrange payment and supply your username and password. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Compile the information we need to create your meeting:
- Name of company
- Location in order to set your time zone
- Countries from which you wish to receive applications
- Categories - categories of jobs you have available (ie) teaching, nursing, engineering, etc
- Contact person’s first and last names
- Contact person’s email address
- In order to Create your page you will then visit : Add/Edit your page

Include information for potential applicants – we suggest:
- information about your organization
- Pictures
- Pictures
- Information about the types of opportunities you have available

Handouts could include:
- job postings
- application forms any other documentation you deem important to your recruitment

Determine your recruitment plan and goals for the job fair:
- do you want to host your own job fair or participate in a scheduled one- what dates do you want to host/participate in a job fair?
- are you going to recruit for local or international positions?
- will you be looking for a specific skill or will you gather a general pool of candidates?

When your meeting is created you will notice that you can set time parameters as to when you will be available to meet with potential candidates. In order to perform meetings you will be asked to download the Zoom platform, which is a free download.

Applicants can either attend your meeting via email invitation from you or en-masse by just dropping by. You can set the time parameters as to when you will be available for meetings, however, please be advised that JFairs support personnel will only be available to assist between 7 am and 3:30 pm PST. Your meetings will run in real-time over the Internet.

Do I have to be available throughout the job fair?

No. The time you spend in your meeting is totally up to you. When you create your meeting, you will schedule chat sessions. These sessions are the times when a representative from your organization will be online to speak with job seekers. It is imperative that someone from your organization be online during these sessions.

Please keep in mind that every aspect of the job fair takes place online. Therefore,applicants, and access your meeting from any place that has internet access.

In addition, although you may not be online throughout the job fair, the employment information you provide in your meeting will be. Therefore, applicants can access your meeting 24/7.

One of the greatest benefits of is its flexibility.

How do I log into my virtual meeting?

To log into your virtual meeting, follow these steps:
  1. Visit the homepage click here.
  2. At the top right of the homepage you will click on " Exhibitor ". On that page, enter your username and password provided to you and press "Login."
  3. You are now logged into your exhibitor area. You can manage all of your job fair activities from the lounge. Use the links provided.

How do I know what time zone the meeting are for?

The times displayed on our site default to the time zone at which your computer is set. Therefore, all times will be adjusted for your time zone.

How do I schedule a meeting?

  1. Click in "Add Meeting Room"

  2. Select the Fair to join

  3. The Start Date of the Fair

  4. The Metting topic - what you wish to discuss

  5. A description of the meeting that will take place

  6. Time zone - defaults to your particular time zone

  7. No of meetings - defaults to 7 - choose 1

What if I can't log into my chat room?

We encourage you to log into your chat room before the start of a job fair. Some company networks block Flash application, which is the main platform of our chat program. If you get a blank/blue screen or a "Connect Failed" error please contact your computer/network tech and provide them with the following solution.

  1. Make sure the computer has an updated version of flash uploaded to it.
  2. In your network setting allow for flash application and add as a trusted website.
  3. Also in you network seeing allow from an application using port 8969 and 8968.

How can I chat with job seekers?

The chat room is set up for you to chat with job seekers on a one-to-one basis. When a job seeker is logged into your chat session their name will show along the left. To engage an individual in chat, highlight their name then click on the "Pick Up" button. You will then be able to talk to that individual.

Can I talk to more than one job seeker at a time?

Yes, to talk to other individuals simply follow the same procedure above to start talking to them. A tab will show up with the job seekers name below that will allow you to go back in forth to chat with job seekers. There is no general chat room. You will still be chatting with each job seeker individually, but you can select multiple job seekers to chat with.

What does a job fair cost?

Job fair prices vary depending on the arrangement made with the host. Please contact us for detailed pricing information. Email us.

How do I host my own job fair?

For information on hosting your own job fair, please email us below. 

How can I contact us?

Email us.

Exhibitor's Code of Conduct

As a professional recruitment service, Job Fairs requires you  to abide by our code of conduct. Your commitment to these guidelines ensures a positive experience for all participants.

We reserve the right to terminate your access or delete content found to be in violation of the code of conduct.

Education Job Fairs is not responsible for the content or activities in any user-created area of the site. 

Be Prepared
Complete and review your meeting before the job fair begins. Since your meeting is a public respresentation of your organization, please review every section of your meeting to ensure that you use proper spelling and grammar. The more professional and prepared your meeting is, the more attractive your organization will be to applicants. 

Ensure a representative from your organization is in the chat room during all scheduled chat sessions. Applicants check your chat schedule and receive reminders before chat sessions begin and expect you to be there during your scheduled times. 

Respond to Questions in a Timely Fashion
Check your message board regularly for new questions and messages from applicants.  Answer questions in the chat room when they are asked.  Applicants will be waiting for responses, so please respond as promptly  as possible.

Use Professional Language and Behavior
People of all ages, races, religions, genders, national origins, and sexual orientations are welcome to Job Fairs.
  - Do not use any expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment or abuse.
  - Do not use defamatory, abusive, threatening, tasteless or indecorous language.
  - Do not use sexually explicit material in conversations or nicknames.
  - Do not impersonate someone else, including an employee.
  - Treat all other online participants with respect.

Know the Law
  - Do not conduct or participate in illegal or fraudulent schemes.
  - Do not distribute unauthorized copies of copyrighted or illegal material.
  - Do not post materials that could harm another person’s computer.

Do Not Allow Inappropriate Behaviour
You have the right to remove applicats who use inappropriate language or harass, threaten or abuse you or other visitors while in your chat room.