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IMAGINE attending a job fair 3,000 miles away and you don't even leave your home!...IMAGINE a place where your resume and other documents are viewed instantly while talking live with the perfect employer...

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Applicant Features

Job Fair searches.  Search meeting room(s) that are recruiting in your areas of interest, expertise and preferred locations.

Browse jobs.  Obtain recruitment information such as employment opportunities, application requirements, and more.

Real-time, interactive meeting sessions. Ask exhibitors questions. Speak one-on-one with an exhibitor who requests a private meeting.


Free. There is no cost for applicants to particpate in our online job fairs.

Green. There is no travel footprint or printed resumes needed. Everything is online.

Targeted Audience. Job fairs are marketed to organizations looking for employees.

Global Scope. Access job fairs from anywhere in the world. Imagine being interviewed by prospective employers no matter where you are.

Open 24 hours a day. An online job fair is never closed. Although an exhibitor may not be holding any scheduled meetings, you can access their employment information.


Save money and time. Save money on printed materials, travel, food, and accommodation costs that can be associated with attending physical job fairs.

Reduce frustration and enjoy the job fair experience. The user-friendly interface and help functions make moving between meeting room(s) and exhibitors easy.

Convenient, flexible and accessible. The power of the internet makes online job fairs available to anyone with an internet connection.

Enjoy flexibility. Visit scheduled meeting room(s) and obtain information 24/7.

Imagine being Interviewed 

by prospective employers no matter where you are...


Exhibitor Features

Real-time, interactive chat sessions: Speak with and answer questions from enthusiastic applicants. Chat privately with an individual or with multiple people at the same time.

User-friendly interface and design: Easily create your your exhibitor meetings and include documents, videos, and a profile as well as your meeting room (via Zoom) chat with applicants.


No travel or printed materials needed: Everything is online. Operate your meeting room from wherever you are.

Global scope: The internet provides an infinite scope of interested and qualified individuals from around the world to view your employment opportunities. From highly qualified residents to non-resident citizens, the online job fair eliminates travel barriers for potential candidates.

Open 24 hours a day: An online job fair is never closed. Even if a chat is not in session, applicants can access your employment information and job opportunities via your customized page.


Save money: Save money on costs associated with typical job fairs such as, material, travel, food, and accommodations.

Save time: Eliminate travel. Just log on. If you are a member of one of our partners, we will use your employer information from that site to create your profile.

Attract qualified individuals: Users of jFairs.com are interested in working in many industries.

Reduce frustration: Enjoy the job fair experience. The user-friendly interface makes participating in an online job fair easy.

Reach a global audience: The power of the internet makes online job fairs available to anyone with an internet connection.

Enjoy flexibility: Schedule chat sessions that fit in your timetable. Choose to join an existing job fair or host your own. Access your portal anytime of the day. Search for applicants who are interested in the fair you are attending and invite them to meet with you.

Market your organization: Customize your organization's web page to attract the types of personnel you want. Upload application forms, recruitment materials, and more.